Thrillist - Best food trucks in LA

The Best Food Trucks in LA Right Now

No, seriously, this pasta-heavy truck is indeed owned by a real-life royalty: the dapper Prince Emanuele Filiberto, grandson of grandson of Umberto II, the last guy to ever serve as King of Italy. Filiberto's idea was to combine Italian imports like flour, olive oil, and truffles with locally sourced California ingredients to create housemade noodles and rustic sauces and then sell it all out of a truck... as princes so often do. The result is excellent fresh pasta dishes like bucatini all'amatriciana, and orecchiette in an almond-spiked pesto, along with take-home jars of vibrant Bolognese. Look for a new brick-and-mortar offshoot to open in Venice (California, not Italy) later this year.
Where to find it: Usually on the Westside, but sometimes LACMA or elsewhere; check the weekly schedule before heading out.

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